Overuse Injuries

Treating the Cause is KEY to Lasting Results


Overuse injuries are commonly seen in athletes, and also in workers who engage in repetitive tasks. Many jobs require sustained postures and repetitive movements for many hours a day. In cases of overuse injuries, there is often a small imbalance or stiffness present. Initially the body can compensate for this and we have no problems. However when we engage in a repetitive action where we are repeating movements and postures hundreds or even thousands of times a day, we start to run into trouble. A small imbalance or weakness can be amplified with repeated motion, resulting in tissue overload, and eventually inflammation and pain.

Physiotherapy is extremely useful in treating overuse injuries. Your therapist will be able to help with initial pain relief. Treatment will then focus on identifying and treating any underlying causes such as joint stiffness, muscle tightness, or muscle weakness which may have contributed. Treating this underlying cause is the key to getting you back to full function, pain free. Your therapist will also give you advice on activity modification ( eg workstation changes, training changes) to prevent recurrence of your condition.

“With repetition, small imbalances are amplified”

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