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Welcome to our Synergy Physiotherapy Blog posts. Here we aim to provide valuable information about common conditions and the role of Physiotherapy. We would love you to have a read through. If you come across something that may relate to you, and you think physio may be what you need, you can contact us, or visit either of our two locations in North Wollongong and Woonona.

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Lateral Knee Pain and What to do about it?

Lateral Knee Pain and What to do about it?

You love to run…. You can run for miles. It is all going well…. Until that dreaded lateral knee pain kicks in! When it comes it stops you in your tracks. You can’t walk down the stairs. You can’t walk down a hill. You have tried foam rollers, you’ve stretched your glutes. But still it persists.   WHY IS THIS HAPPENING, and WHAT CAN YOU DO...

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